Watch Out for Mould!

During the hot summer months in Macquarie Fields we can often neglect many home repairs – afterall, who wants to fix a leaky tap or shower in forty degree heat?! One of the most overlooked problems in homes today is mould. Moulds are fungi that need moisture, heat and organic material to grow. When disturbed or dried, they release spores which cause illness in many people and can cause damage to property.
Although mould can be found almost anywhere, it needs the right living conditions to grow. The key to preventing mould growth is reducing dampness in the home – no moisture means no mould. Here’s how:

  • Turn on exhaust fans when showering, doing laundry and drying clothes
  • Open windows when weather permits – this improves ventilation
  • Limit the use of humidifiers
  • Limit the number of indoor plants
  • Repair all water leaks and plumbing problems as quickly as possible
  • If water enters your home, dry it quickly and remove any water-damaged carpets or building materials
  • Check to ensure all air holes around the home are unblocked and clear of debris

Routine Clean Up

For routine clean up of mouldy surfaces, use mild detergent or vinegar diluted in water solution (4 parts vinegar to 1 part water). If the mould is not readily removed you can use many mould-destroying products from supermarkets. Ensure the surface is completely dry once you have completed removing the mould.
Remember, mould is likely to return even after being removed if the cause is not attended to. Why not take the time to have a quick look around your home in Macquarie Fields and see if you can notice any mould growing. Catching mould early can make it much easier to remove.

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