Apply For A Property

Found the right rental property? We’d love to make it your new home!

In order to be considered, follow these easy steps – and be sure to take time to complete your application.

Step 1: Complete our online application form:

All applications for rentals at Prudential Real Estate are now completed online for your convenience.

Please make sure you click the link of the Prudential Real Estate office who the rental is listed with below, and apply with their form.

  1. APPLY for a rental property listed by Prudential RE CAMPBELLTOWN
  2. APPLY for a rental property listed by Prudential RE LIVERPOOL
  3. APPLY for a rental property listed by Prudential RE MACQUARIE FIELDS

Step 2. Attach all required documents

In applying for a rental property, you will be required to attach a few documents with your application. These include:

  • A copy of your driver licence OR passport
  • 100 points of identification;
    • Current driver licence (40 points)
    • Birth certificate (30 points)
    • Proof of age card (30 points)
    • Passport (40 points)
    • Medicare card (20 points)
    • Credit card (20 points)
    • Motor vehicle registration certificate (10 points)
    • Bank statement (10 points)
    • Telephone bill (10 points)
    • Gas bill (10 points)
    • Electricity bill (10 points)
  • Proof of rental history: last four rental receipts or printout of tenancy history
  • Proof of current address: Utility statements (water or gas, no greater than six months old) or council rates notice
  • Proof of income: Three previous pay slips or bank statements or, if self-employed, tax returns and business registration
  • References: Minimum two written references from previous agent or landlord; and/or written reference from employer or friend

Once you submit your application form, our staff will immediately begin processing it. Be sure to apply as soon as possible – if you have supplied all of your details and supporting documents, we can speak with the owner of the property about your application on the same day.