Is your home SAFE this dry season?

We’ve all heard it before – working smoke alarms save lives. And with NSW thrust into the driest conditions in five decades and warm weather around the corner, now more than ever is the time to check yours.

But while fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, is it the duty of the landlord or the tenant to check smoke detectors? We’ve got the answers for you below.

Facts for landlords

In accordance with current NSW law, smoke alarms are mandatory in residential homes.

So, landlords are required to install smoke alarms in their property, as well as ensure that regular compliance checks are undertaken on them. These can no longer be completed by real estate agents without qualification, but can be completed by verified smoke alarm compliance companies (which Prudential Real Estate can help you to coordinate).

Standard checks are generally available from $99 from the following companies:

Facts for tenants

As a tenant, you are required to ensure that the smoke alarms in your rental property are in working order. This includes:

  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors
  • Notifying your landlord or agent if they are not working properly.

If you have any questions or concerns about fire safety in your property, please get in contact with Prudential Real Estate on (02) 4628 0033 or via email to

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