Fire Safety A Must In Rentals

Sadly, house fires take too many valuables and precious lives each year. While we have a general idea about fire safety, there are many little things we don’t consider when it comes to protecting our lives and valuables from fire.
Complacency and absent mindedness can create one small mistake that can end up being quite costly for tenants and owners. At Prudential Real Estate Liverpool we would like all of our tenants to be happy and safe in their homes.
It is also our duty to ensure that our investment owners’ properties are well taken care of. That is why in this article we would like to discuss keeping your Liverpool home safe from fire and talk about some proofing tips to prevent tragedy.
Smoke detectors and fire alarms
The first and obvious point to discuss is fire alarms and smoke detectors. It is a legal requirement that all rentals are fitted with working smoke detectors. This responsibility is on the owner and our office.
We organise the checks of these smoke alarms by professionals to ensure that all are working and in the correct positions. Naturally, a simple battery change can be taken care of by tenants but if the alarm ceases to work otherwise then you need to contact us.
Unit and apartment dwellings are fitted with fire alarms and the maintenance of these is organised by the body corporate. If tenants think there is any issue with these they can again contact our office and we will forward on any concerns.
Personal responsibility
Within the homes of tenants is where personal responsibility of fire safety takes place. In some cases homes may be fitted with small fire extinguishers or fire blankets but this is not always the case. It is important that tenants are mindful of what is available, as well as their own actions.
Always remember when cooking that flammable items are not left on or near stove tops, for example. Children should be monitored near cooking equipment and flammable products such as matches should be kept well out of reach. Never place hot oil directly into bins.
Electrical fires are something to be mindful of. Any faulty appliances such as kettles and toasters should not be used. Frayed chords are a danger, if you have any of these then discard them. Other items such as cook tops and ovens should be reported to our office if there is any issue.
Wherever you live you should have an evacuation plan in place. Different fires require different treatment; know what to do in case of a fire, how to get out and where to go. If you are unsure where fire safety responsibility lies in your rental, contact us at Prudential Real Estate Liverpool today.

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