LANDLORD TIPS: Creating a tenant-friendly garden.

Tenant trimming a hedge in their garden

Enhancing outdoor spaces in an investment property might seem like a luxury at first glance, but crafting a tenant-friendly garden is a strategic move that can attract and retain tenants, as well as significantly boost your property’s rental value.

Here are simple tips for landlords to create inviting, low-maintenance gardens that elevate curb appeal and ensure year-round attractiveness.

1. Prioritise low maintenance

While tenants are required to maintain the garden in the same condition as the start of the tenancy, this doesn’t mean you should plant an elaborate, high-maintenance masterpiece.  Most renters prefer gardens that look great with minimal effort, so they don’t have to spend their weekends gardening.

Choose drought-resistant plants, hardy shrubs, and perennials that thrive with little intervention. For hardscaping elements like paths or patios, select materials that are durable and low on weed maintenance, such as concrete instead of pavers. In addition, simplify edge maintenance with bricks or pavers, making the garden easier to keep tidy, even if the tenant isn’t particularly handy with gardening tools.

2. Opt for smart landscaping

Focus on landscaping that demands minimal upkeep for maximum functionality. Steer clear of invasive species, climbing varieties which might venture over fences or those needing constant care. Instead, look for native species, as they’re adapted to the local climate and require less upkeep. Additionally, consider the mature size of plants to prevent overcrowding and don’t plant anything that depends heavily on regular watering to survive.

3. Fill unsightly gaps

Empty spaces in garden beds are weed pits, waiting to happen. Prevent weed invasion by filling gaps with ground cover plants or mulch, which also helps to conserve soil moisture and protects the plants. Remember, nobody likes weeding and if you overburden your tenant, they might find themselves in a ‘not my house’ mindset.

4. Create attractive outdoor spaces

Tenants value outdoor spaces that serve as extensions of their living area. Consider how landscaping can improve or detract from the usability of your outdoor spaces. For example, adding shade trees or installing an entertaining patio can boost the property’s appeal, encouraging relaxation and outdoor dining.

5. Enhance privacy

A private retreat is always going to be more appealing than one exposed to prying eyes. By using natural screens like hedges, you can create secluded spots within the garden, offering tenants a peaceful escape from external disturbances.

6. Make it pet and child-friendly

If your property is likely to attract families or you’re accepting pet owners, ensure the garden is safe and enjoyable for them. This might mean installing secure fencing, providing open spaces for play, or creating shaded areas for comfort during hot weather. Choose non-toxic plants and durable garden features which will withstand the rigours of family and pet use.

Implementing these strategies can make your outdoor spaces appealing to a broader tenant base, enhancing your property’s value and desirability. A tenant-friendly garden is a win-win, offering tenants a delightful outdoor area to enjoy while ensuring you maximize your rental investment’s potential.

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